Sweet Potato Fries

Tri Color SP Fries

Purple Sweet Potato

Orange Sweet Potato

Bonita Sweet Potato

A feast for your eyes and taste buds!

Tri-Color Sweet Potato Fries are a vibrant and visually appealing side item made from three types of sweet potatoes: purple sweet potato, orange sweet potato, and bonita sweet potato.

When served together on a plate, the different colors and textures of the sweet potatoes add depth and interest to any dish, making them stand out from traditional white potato fries.

United Flavors® Tri-color Sweet Potato Fries are low in sodium, contain no added sugar, and no artificial colors. They come frozen, ready-to-heat & serve, pre-cut and pre-cooked, making them a delicious and convenient option for busy cooks or restaurant kitchens. 

all natural

100% Yield

No food waste

pre cut

Pre-cut &

Save on prep time and labor costs

long shelf life-3

Long-Shelf Life

Use only what you need as you go

Our Featured Fries

Tri Color SP Fries

Tri-Color Sweet Potato Fries

Item Number: UF0280
Pack Size: 6 x 2.5 LB
Brand: United Flavors®

SP Fries on white

Sweet Potato Fries
3/8” Straight Cut, Battered

Item Number: UF0281
Pack Size: 6 x 2.5 LB
Brand: United Flavors®

Boniato Fries

Golden Sweet Potato
(Boniato) Fries

Item Number: UF0282
Pack Size: 6 x 2.5 LB
Brand: United Flavors®

Long Shelf Life


100% Yield

100% YIELD

No cholesterol


Natural - Plant Based


MIC Food provides a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables that come peeled and cut, ready-to-heat and serve saving you hours of prep time so you can focus on what matters the most: making every meal memorable.

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